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We are excited to announce the making of our new music video "Black Tongue"!
Directed by: Diego Lozano

We are excited to announce a new dynamic collaboration between us and awardwinning Monterrey-native director Diego Lozano, for the music video production of "Black Tongue" a song newly released off our album 'Multiverse.' Black Tongue is a conceptual narrative film that will use an Azteca Futuristic Aesthetic and metaphoric visual language to tell a story of saving oneself from a toxic relationship. What makes the romance story that will be featured in this new film for " Black Tongue" unique is that we are incorporating Aztec mythological characters into the visual narrative. We are taking from the story of Coatlicue: The Serpent Goddess. Once betrayed by Mictlantecuhtli and overcome with grief and anger, she retreated into the underworld. As she sunk deeper, the Aztecs sent her offerings to try to restore the natural order. Originally, she was touched by a ball of feathers and became pregnant, but we are taking this element and using it as a catalyst for the protagonist's rebirth; when she becomes free and transforms into a new woman. 

Director Diego Lozano:

More on the concept of Black Tongue:

Black Tongue will harness Aztec ancestral cosmology, specifically the diosas Coatlicue and Tonanztin. Coatlicue: Mexica Snake goddess: Embodying the serpentine ability to shed fear and become new. Witnessing shadows. Our existence is comprised of the constant struggle to overcome darkness, whether that darkness is external or dwells internally, it is in our midst; it is the resistance that shapes the recurring and infinite unfolding of our true character. The shero's journey in Black Tongue is to break free from an antagonistic male figure who has entrapped her in his own seductive oppressive energy, quite literally attempting to steal, consume, and shatter her heart. Though Black Tongue was originally created to speak about toxic romance, it is moreso getting at the core of why we hurt ourselves and each other. The Coatlicue-serpentine-Mexica imagery goes beyond the temporal emotional states in relationships and delves deeper into the spectrum of the struggles we all face as humans. From grappling with disease, death, self doubt, envy, addiction, grief, violence, shame, we have all felt the crippling need to save ourselves from ourselves and from each other, and create an act of release. Black Tongue calls us to confront our fears and bear through the painful transition of who we are and who we are becoming. With a demonstration of the peace and understanding it brings to finally step into new knowingness and new strength; clarity that we are all always capable of overcoming our fears and ascending to a place of love.

Preliminary Sketches for Black Tongue Costume and Set Design by artist Gerardo Arellano

^ We will be filming at state-of-the-art studio "Spiderwood Studios" in Austin, TX ^

^ We will be filming at state-of-the-art studio "Spiderwood Studios" in Austin, TX ^

^ Previous work by Femina-X "Frida's Heart" made possible by a grant through the city of San Antonio ^

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