Latin Indie Alternative


Femina-X is an alternative, Latin band from San Antonio comprised of members Daniela Riojas (vox), Alex Scheel (guitar), Jeff Palacios (bass), Luke Bonecutter (cello), and Jai Roots (drums). Femina-X identifies as "Latin Alternative" and creates unconventional fusions of progressive tribal and ethnic dance, jazz, Native/Afro-latino rhythms, Caribbean, and Southwestern desert landscapes. Daniela's chameleon voice has the range to both coo and siren, lull and frighten, always reaching from a place of passion, imagination, and child-like playfulness. Her vision, melody, and lyrics construct the world within each song, pulling from her ability to narrate and share the deeply personal with an edge of fantasy.

In a captivating juxtaposition of delicate and high-strung schemes, the sound guides you through a path of trip-hop, pop, and electronic beats. Not to be confined to any type of texture, the band delves into upbeat loops and atmospheric ambience while also finding room to oscillate in a dark underside.“ - Remezcla

“Electronic-rock act Femina-X defies expectations” – Texas Monthly

Get this album. Go to a show. Because where they are going, we might not be able to get this close again.” – Sobre Sound

Femina-X has performed at the historic Arneson River Theater, The Tobin Center for Performing Arts, Luminaria Contemporary Arts Festival. They received The San Antonio Current’s Critics Choice for the Music Awards 2014, Top 3 Best Bands in 2015, have been featured in Vice Colombia, Remezcla, and Texas Monthly and are currently represented by TIMEWHEEL record label.